About Minor League Baseball Hats

The baseball cap is the representation of the teams with abbreviations of the team names. The front portion is embedded with the logo The Mud Hens playing at Fifth Third Field on Jā€¦ and the design of the team. The back portion is served with adjustments to fit the head size. The cap forms part of the uniform of the baseball players. Minor league baseball hats are made of varied materials with varied designs and pattern. They are embroidered in the classic style caps made of woolen fabric. They are even used by the locals and the fans as a cheering tool for their favorite teams. Prominent Minor League Baseball Hats Midland Rock Hounds: A dog with a bat in hand is used as a pictorial representation on the cap. They are Double ā€“ an affiliate. Initial of the team name is also displayed on the dog. Wilmington Blue Rocks: The name is after the blue granite that is found near the river named Brandywine. The mascot is moose which is named as Rocky Blue Winkle. The mascot is displayed over the cap. Fort Wayne Tin Caps: An apple seed is woven over the cap. The name is Tin Caps referring to the cooking pot. James Town Jammers: The name and the logo were selected after fan votes. Grapes with bat holding were selected following the landmark tradition of growing grapes in the region. Quad City River Bandits: A Raccoon behind a bandanna is embroidered on the cap. The river bandit mascot is Rascal the Raccoon. Toledo Mud Hens: They are one of the oldest teams existing in the game. The logo is after a bird that was found on the marsh near the stadium. William Sport Cross Cutters: The name is after the history of the logging industry in the land. A lumberjack is displayed on the cap. Greensboro Grasshoppers: The name is fierce. They intend to strike the opponents with fear with the grasshopper on the cap. Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs: They are after the landmark of the town which is the manufacturing industry producing steel using pig iron. A pig made of iron is embroidered on the cap. Brooklyn Cyclones: The cap is with the initials B and C. B pays homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers whereas C stands for the Cyclones. They are interlocked with each other. Savannah Sand Gnats: A gnat with some powerful strokes is embroidered on the cap. Casper Ghost: Since the team is located in a place which is named Casper the name follows. The cap has a ghost portrayed which glows in the dark. Clinton Lumber Kings: The king of the lumber jack is embedded on the cap. Above mentioned minor league baseball hats are few of the many caps